Manufacturing technology
Manufacturing technology

Raw materials for alcoholic beverages

The main feature in the technology of production of our alcoholic beverages is that for the preparation of blends, not only wheat alcohol of the “Lux” class, high-quality cognac spirits, wine materials are used, but also natural components of plant origin from which infusions and aromatic alcohols are prepared. It is aromatic alcohols and infusions that enrich the taste and aroma of drinks. All used alcohols and ingredients are of the highest quality and must pass selection and strict laboratory control.

The most difficult and interesting is the preparation of aromatic alcohols. To obtain them, ready-made infusions are distilled in a special alambic, and the aroma of herbs and fruits is concentrated in the resulting aromatic alcohol. The most important ingredient in all drinks is pure water. We take natural water from a well located in an ecologically clean area. In order for water to be used in the production of alcoholic beverages, it must go through a multilevel system of filtration and salt content correction.

Blend of drinks

Blending is mixing in a certain ratio of a measured amount of various types of raw materials, alcohols and water. The blend is prepared in special tanks. Blends of alcoholic beverages are created in strict accordance with the developed and approved recipes. After preparation, the laboratory of the enterprise takes an average sample from the blending tank and analyzes it for compliance with physical, chemical and organoleptic characteristics.


Only new bottles are used for all our drinks. Filling takes place on automatic filling lines adjusted for a specific bottle. Each bottle is washed with softened water and then checked for cleanliness and integrity. Alcoholic drinks are filled into bottles exactly according to their nominal capacity, after which the bottles are sealed with a special stopper or screw cap. The sealed products are delivered to the visual inspection apparatus, which excludes the products even with the smallest damages or poorly sealed products from reaching the consumer.

The final stage is the application of the label and the date of bottling. Before packing in cardboard boxes, the bottle is examined by the OTK controller again. Finished products are sent to our own warehouse, where the temperature and humidity levels required for storage are maintained. The long process of making alcoholic beverages has been completed and now the bottles are sent to stores to meet with their customers.