Meet the “Hlebna Sleza” in a new convenient bottle of 0.2 liters!

Dnepro Alcohol Plant launched production of “Hlebna Sleza on a linden blossom ” and “Hlebna Sleza Classical” in a convenient 0.2 liter flask.

“Classic Hlebna Sleza” is a real Ukrainian vodka from a famous brand

The well-known Ukrainian brand “Hlebna Sleza” enters the market with a new vodka – “Hlebna Sleza classic”. It carefully follows the traditional production technology of real Ukrainian vodka. The new vodka is created from high-quality grain alcohol “Lux” according to classical standards, without any admixtures of aromatic alcohols. For softness, it is cleaned with birch […]

New “Hlebna Sleza on a linden blossom” – premium quality at an affordable price

Good news. The well-known premium vodka “Hlebna Sleza” is becoming the most affordable for the Ukrainian consumer. A new special vodka “Hlebna Sleza on a linden blossom” from the Dniprovsk Alcohol Plant has entered the market. The new vodka is made from pure spring water and grain alcohol infused with linden blossom. For softness, it […]

“Hlebna Sleza” becomes more convenient for everyday consumption”

“Dniprovsk Alcohol Plant” has released a new vodka under a well-known brand, with a long-term reputation for quality product – “Hlebna Sleza”. Now premium vodka, familiar to Ukrainian consumers, has become more convenient for everyday consumption. The recipe for “Hlebna Sleza” vodka preserves the ancient traditions of distilling. Its blend is made from pure spring […]


Fresh and rich white semi-sweet wine Perfetto Bianco is a great novelty from the Dneprovsky alcoholic plant. Due to the assemblage of various white grape varieties, the wine acquires fruity, floral and, to a lesser extent, citrus aromas. Perfetto Bianco perfectly serves as an aperitif, in harmony with fish dishes, liver, various salads and desserts.