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Black Duck HOT, 50clE
Black Duck HOT, 50clE
Black Duck HOT, 50clE

    Black Duck HOT
    A unique combination of classic Black Jack with infusion of cinnamon, vanilla almonds and chili peppers. It has a rich and rich taste. Thanks to this blend, Black Jack HOT has preserved the classic features of the aroma of malt, which are complemented by a rich spice of cinnamon, a pleasant sweetness of vanilla and fiery notes of chili pepper. Aroma: The bright aroma of whiskey is revealed with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, almonds and hot chili peppers. Taste: has a pleasant taste with characteristic notes of malt, shades of warm spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, almonds with a slight burning of chili peppers in the aftertaste.
    35% Vol.
    50clE. Quantity in a box: 20 pieces. Box weight: 18.5 kg. Number of bottles on the pallet: 800 pcs. Pallet weight: 759-762 kg