«Hlebna Sleza»

«Hlebna Sleza»

Hlebna Sleza is a handmade vodka.

“Hlebna Sleza” brings us back to those ancient times when our ancestors were just mastering distilling. The first producers of vodka or “bread wine” were monasteries, which in the old days were not only cultural and religious centers, but also medical centers. It is no coincidence that at first the term “vodka” was used to designate medicinal tinctures on alcohol. In the 16th century, the same vodka appeared in different groups of goods: “bread wine” as a drink, and “vodka” as a medicine. But the inhabitants of monasteries, monks-distillers, in their own everyday speech did not adhere to formal differences and called vodka also a drink, and not just a medicinal drug based on vodka.

“Bread wine” gradually transformed into “Hlebna Sleza” and, already in the second quarter of the 19th century, “Hlebna Sleza” was called vodka of exceptional, excellent quality of private production.

In the recipe for «Hlebna Sleza» vodka, we tried to preserve the ancient traditions of distilling. The blend of our vodka is made from pure spring water and grain alcohol infused with linden blossom. To make the vodka soft, we clean it with birch charcoal. «Hlebna Sleza» is handcrafted, filled in authentic bottles, sealed and sealed with sealing wax. The resulting blend allows you to get an aroma that brings us back to ancient times, allows you to feel the taste of past centuries.

vodka “Hlebna Sleza classic”, 10clE.
vodka “Hlebna Sleza classic”, 20clE.
vodka “Hlebna Sleza classic”, 50clE.
vodka “Hlebna Sleza on linden blossom” 10clE
vodka “Hlebna Sleza on linden blossom” 50clE
Tincture “Hlebna Sleza moonshine”, 50clE.
Tincture “Hlebna Sleza moonshine”, 1L.
Tincture “Hlebna Sleza with pepper”, 50clE.
“Hlebna Sleza” vodka, 1L.
Tincture “Hlebna Sleza Honey”, 50clE.
Tincture ” Hlebna Sleza Cranberry”, 50clE
Tincture “Hlebna Sleza Honey”, 1L.
Tincture ” Hlebna Sleza Cranberry”, 1L.
Tincture ” Hlebna Sleza of Grain”, 50clE
“Hlebna Sleza” vodka, 50clE NEW
Tincture ” Hlebna Sleza of Grain”, 1L
“Hlebna Sleza” vodka, 50clE
“Hlebna Sleza” vodka, 2L, on a wooden stand
“Hlebna Sleza” vodka, 2L.