Ai-Petri is one of the most famous brandy brands in Ukraine. It was founded in 1965, and, since that time, has been one of the leaders among domestic brandys. Ai-Petri brandys are valued for their unique blend, original organoleptic properties and taste. They were given their due at all times – it is no coincidence that Ai-Petri brandys were supplied to the Soviet and Ukrainian elite.

Today, the only official copyright holder of the “Ai-Petri” brand is the “Dneprovsky Alcohol Plant” company. She not only managed to preserve the most famous brand for the domestic consumer, but also to preserve in the brandy blends the traditional taste and organoleptic properties inherent in this brand, which make this product unique.

Brandy “Ai Petri” VS, 25clE
Brandy “Ai Petri” VS, 10clE
Brandy “Ai Petri” VS, 50clE
Brandy “Ai Petri” VSOP, 25clE
Brandy “Ai Petri” VSOP, 50clE
Brandy “Ai Petri” Grand Reserve, 10clE
Brandy “Ai Petri” Grand Reserve, 25clE
Brandy “Ai Petri” Grand Reserve, 50clE
Brandy “Ai Petri” Reserve V.S.
Brandy “Ai Petri” Reserve V.O.S.P.
Brandy “Ai Petri” Reserve V.V.S.O.P.