About Dniprovsk Alcohol Plant
About Dniprovsk Alcohol Plant

Dniprovsk Alcohol Plant

“DAP” – the company is actively developing, and produces products under widely known and beloved by Ukrainian consumers trade marks.

High-quality raw materials and modern equipment under the guidance of a qualified team of professionals made it possible to bring each production stage to a high level, which is the key to the successful operation of the plant!

Manufacturing process

Technological lines for the production of gorilka (vodka) TM ” “Drevne Kievskaya ” and TM “Ukrainian Standard”, vermouth TM ” Ukrainian Nalyvochka”, wines TM “Perfetto” were launched at the modernized production site. A production workshop for souvenir bottling was also organized, in which craft vodka TM “Hlebna Sleza” is manually bottled, sealed and decorated.

The technological cycle for the production of Ukrainian brandy has been fully implemented. In the creation of our cognacs, only high-quality cognac spirits are used, which allows us to bring a piece of the sun to the Ukrainian consumer.

We also took care of the release of products of a new direction available to the Ukrainian consumer – these are strong alcoholic drinks of TM “Black Duck”, TM “Puerto Vero” and “London Bridges”. The use of natural ingredients, in particular whiskey, in blends of strong alcoholic beverages was highly appreciated by consumers.

Our assortment:

Brandy TM “Ai-Petri” VS, VSOP, Grand Reserve – three, four and five years old

Collection series of brandys TM “Ai-Petri” Reserve VS, VSOP, Grand Reserve

Brandys TM “Ukrainskiy Vidbirniy” three and five years old

Brandy drinks TM “Ai-Danil” Prestige and Premium

Vodka and strong liqueurs TM ” Hlebna Sleza “

Vodka TM “Drevne Kievskaya”

Vodka TM “Ukrainian Standard”

Strong alcoholic drinks ТМ “Black Duck”, which taste like natural whiskey

Strong alcoholic drinks of TM “Puerto Vero”, which taste like natural rum

Strong alcoholic drinks TM “London Bridges”, which taste like natural gin

Wine and slightly carbonated wine drinks TM “Perfetto”

Vermouths TM ” Ukrainian Nalyvochka ” and quiet drinks “Home Collection”

Liqueurs TM “U & A”

Low alcohol cocktails ТМ “Tropic Bar”

All blends of brandys, vodka and other alcoholic beverages undergo a control tasting at the central tasting commission before bottling.